Ceeon India


"Green India with Ceeon India"


CEEON INDIA (Easy Way), was incorporated in 2014.Since that time, CEEON INDIA has maintained its position as the No.1 Manufacturer, Exporter of electric  Rickshaw and Electric Bicycles in INDIA.

Our Method

Indeed the major aspect of the operations of CEEON INDIA(Easy Way) that sets it apart from all other Exporters  and Manufacturer of electric  Rickshaw, electric bicycles and two-wheelers is that CEEON INDIA  actually builds its own electric Vehicles in INDIA – that’s right we build all our Vehicles from the ground up in Ambala.

The end result is a totally unique range of Electric Rickshaw, Electric Bicycles and two-wheeler that are designed exclusively for the INDIAN market.

Our Values

Our set of core values is the compass that guides our actions, both personal and corporate.

1) Professionalism–We have always sought the best people for the job and given them the freedom and the opportunity to grow. We will continue to do so. We will support innovation and well-reasoned risk taking, but will demand Professionalism

2) Good Corporate Citizenship–As in the past, we will continue to seek long-term success, which is in alignment with the needs of the countries we serve. We will do this without compromising on ethical business standards

3) Customer First–We exist and prosper only because of our customers. We will respond to the changing needs and expectations of our customers speedily, courteously and effectively.

4) Quality Focus–Quality is the key to delivering value for money to our customers. We will make quality a driving value in our work, in our products and in our interactions with others. We will do it ‘First Time Right.’