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Dealership Criteria

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Criteria for Dealership

  1. Showroom 300 -450 Sq.ft. With 2 Vehicle on Display (or as per STA policy for Issuance of Trade Certificate for Respective States).

  2. Showroom Frontage Minimum 10-15 Feet Wide (Ground Floor Only).

  3. Minimum 1 Sales & 1 Admin. Staff.

  4. Minimum 1 Service Bay Area for Workshop (if Distributor is not in Same City) with 1 Mechanic (Trained or untrained) and Spare Parts (as per list worth 20 k along with first Load /Order).

  5. Showroom & Service Facility Design /Approved by CEEON INDIA’s Authority.

  6. One Test Drive Vehicle Should be Stand at Showroom in Front Area.

  7. Cancelled Cheque along with UTR NO ( RTGS/NEFT)  of  Security Deposit 

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