5 Things to consider before buying an e-scooter in India

5 Things to consider before buying an e-scooter in India

The electric scooters are a popular choice among electric vehicle (EV) buyers in India. The two-wheelers are small and reasonably priced, making them a good option for people looking for transportation. They work with the nation's current infrastructure, so they are easy to use. For those who are looking to purchase an electric scooter, it can be difficult to choose one. Don't worry; we're here to help you.

Before you buy an e-scooter in India, you should consider what we have listed below.

1.    Cost of an electric scooter:

The cost of an electric scooter is a major factor to consider before making a purchase. Both battery technology and electric scooters are expensive at the moment. Some of the best electric scooters in India cost significantly more than your typical ICE (internal combustion engine) scooters. Do your homework and understand all the details, including how the scooter rides the street price, financing options (if available), promotions, and the type of tax benefits you get when you buy it.-

2.   Examine the Electric Scooter Range:

The second most important factor to consider when buying an electric vehicle is range. The range stated by manufacturers and the actual range obtained in practice differ in the same way that fuel mileage does. Check the maximum cruising range of the electric scooter, and if feasible, please contact the owner for the actual cruising range. Today, scooters that can travel 50 to 200 kilometres on a single charge are available in the Indian market. Some electric scooters now come with an extra battery pack to give them a longer range. If you cover long distances every day, you should consider getting something with more range.

3.   Learn about the features of the e-scooter

 Make sure to inquire about the features available on the electric scooter. When purchasing an electric scooter, you should consider the following features.

  1. Electric scooters have a greater cargo capacity than typical ICE scooters because they don't have an engine. Some e-scooters provide space for two helmets, so make sure to use this option
  2. Ergonomics of the ride is an important feature that can only be determined after a ride. Check your ride comfort and that of the passenger.
  3. Modes of transportation - Most electric scooters come with different riding modes that can make the ride more comfortable. Check to see if the scooter has several power modes, such as Eco, Power.
  4. A dashboard display is a common feature on most electric scooters. Is the scooter's dashboard a traditional style with dials and gauges, or is it a more modern display with touch input? In addition to obvious information such as speed and battery life, some electric scooters have displays that can display GPS navigation, Smartphone notifications, and more.
  5. Bluetooth compatibility – Bluetooth compatibility is also common on modern electric scooters. This allows users to wirelessly connect their smartphone to the scooter's display and receive phone notifications. You can also use this to connect your Smartphone’s native app to keep track of your electric scooter.
  6. Navigation — some electric scooters come with built-in GPS, so the rider can see turn-by-turn directions on the display. This is another useful function to have on your scooter.
  7. There should be at least one charging port available for electric scooters, either under the seat or in the front. This can charge your smartphone or other electronic devices.

4.     Power and performance

You'll need to consider what type of performance you want from your electric scooter in India. There are a lot of choices to make, so it's important to research which one is best for you. Slow scooters usually travel at around 40-50kmph, while fast scooters can travel up to around 80-100kmph.If you like a more relaxed riding style and don't need rapid acceleration, choose a low power electric scooter. They are cheaper, so it's a good idea to buy something that meets your performance requirements rather than settling for something that doesn't suit you.

5.    Service and maintenance after the sale

Electric vehicles don't require as much maintenance as regular scooter do. Since the service intervals are much longer, you do not need to take the electric scooter to the service center every 6 months. The maintenance costs for electric scooters are typically lower than those for ICE scooters, but it's important to understand everything about the manufacturer's after-sales service and other maintenance charges before making a purchase. Check to see if the brand has a good network of service centers.

These are some factors to keep in mind when purchasing an electric scooter in India. There are many brands to choose from, and more will become available in 2022. Electric scooters with increased range and performance are being developed by new companies, such as Simple Energy, and even smartphone makers. Do you have any immediate plans to buy a scooter? Please contact ceeonindia today; we deal with electric scooter call us for the quotations and details. We’re reliable & cost efficient vehicle company.

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