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E-scooter manufacturer in Ambala

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E-scooter Manufacturer in Ambala

Ambala is situated on the line with the Indian province of Punjab and Chandigarh. Ambala has two sub-regions: Ambala Cantonment and Ambala City, which deserves the name of the "Twin City." Ambala is also known for its vast Indian army and Indian Air force presence inside its cantonment region, which was laid out in 1843. The cantonment houses the '2 corps', one of the three strike corps of the Indian Army, and is of enormous critical significance.

The historical backdrop of this city recommends that Amba Rajput established the area during the fourteenth century. Even though numerous different renditions add to the tale of its starting point, it is likewise accepted that the name Ambala is a debasement of Amba Wala, meaning the mango-town, from mango forests that existed in its area. Another form is that the city takes its name after the goddess "Bhawani Amba," whose Temple exists in Ambala.

A Leading brand in E-scooter Manufacturers in Ambala

Ceeon India. is running after better bikes for an ideal world that is groundbreaking and feasible. We utilize driving edge creative innovation to give last-mile availability that is smooth, advantageous,and reasonable with earth's life-giving force e scooter manufacturer in ambala...We put stock in feasible transportation for an ideal world. With developing metropolitan regions and expanded travel needs, our present transportation choices are impossible. Zero emanations can't be a decision, yet entirely an objective.

Ceeon India - Your Dealership Partner

We, in all actuality, do give a Partnership; it's not just a Dealership!

Ceeon India is the leading e-scooter manufacturer in Ambala providing dealerships in Pan India. We are altering the way Electric scooters/ e- Bicycles and rickshaws are sold by giving a broad scope of models under one rooftop with state-of-the-art innovation and top-tier buyer experience. We make a solid effort to give a select item to our faithful clients. We are running after a possible future for the ages. Our things are a more dependable, reasonable, day-to-day drive e-bike that accompanies a large group of advantages, making your ride a brilliant encounter. Energy capacity innovation has been a vital area of concentration since its origin, and the Company has created solid skills in Lithium battery innovation. The organization's supervisory crew brings tremendous experience from the scholarly community and the energy business..

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